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A how-to for our guests

What is a board game cafe and how does it work? Good question!
Here are the answers on how to spend a day at the Bingo Club.

A how to for the Bingo Club
A how to for the Bingo Club 2
A how to for the Bingo Club 3
A how to for the Bingo Club 4

Game fee

To gain access to the game assortment you pay a fee of €3,- (per person), which we add to your tab. At the end of your visit, we simply settle the fee together with the rest of your bill.

The game fee is not an entry fee. It is only due if you actually play something.

If you come to the Bingo Club regularly, we recommend you our bingo card, which is valid for 12 months and saves you the game fee every time you visit. More information (in German) please!


Our rule book

We want all our guests to have as much fun as possible and to relax. To maintain a friendly atmosphere at the Bingo Club at all times and to ensure that the games are in the right place and in good condition, we have established some rules of play.

  • Please be careful with your snacks and drinks. Board games and beer do not mix well!
  • Please take only one game at a time from the shelf.
  • Please do not return games to the shelves yourself, but hand them in to our staff.
  • Playing is fun and can trigger a wide range of emotions. Please try to keep aggression and noise to a minimum. Remember, it’s just a game!
  • After playing, please check the area around your table for game pieces and cards.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Over 500 games are waiting for you!

Here you can find a list with all games of the Bingo Club. Do you still have questions? In that case, check out our FAQs.

Visit our socials, to really indulge in everything Bingo Club

We would rather continue playing Patchwork, but sometimes we also have to post something to show Google we’re still alive