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Frequently asked questions about the Bingo Club

How much do I have to pay to play at the Bingo Club?

The game fee is €3. This gives you access to the entire range of games during your visit.

How long can I play once I have paid the fee?

Normally, you can play with us for a whole day if you pay the fee. However, we reserve the right to limit your table time to 3 hours during peak hours.

Do I have to pay the game fee if I don’t play?

No. Of course, you can also just have a drink and/or a bite to eat. In that case, you don’t have to pay the fee. If you are a guest with a group that plays a game together, but you do not play, you do not have to pay the game fee either.

If you bring your own game(s), the fee is still due.

Are there discounts for pupils and students?

No. However, the Bingo Club offers its regular guests an annual subscription that gives them access to the game assortment for 12 months with a one-off payment of €35.

Can I pass on my bingo card?

No. Your bingo card (annual subscription in German) is not transferable to other persons.

Where will the Bingo Club open?

We have opened in the south of Cologne between Zülpicher Straße and the university. It’s at the Otto-Fischer-Straße 9, next to the Kölner Südbahnhof.

When will the Bingo Club open?

We’re open since September 2023!

Are you still/already looking for staff?

Not at the moment, but if you are interested in a job as a waitress/waiter and/or game guru at the Bingo Club, simply get in touch with us via the contact form.

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